What do most traders say about Brit Wealth System?

Posted By on Jun 16, 2016 |

The Brit Wealth system is one of the auto-trading softwares for binary options trading. The mechanism of the software is either you win or lose.  The software is an up and calls type of option, where the amount of the option is fixed. In binary options trading, the trader will predict the fixed price of the option either the fixed price will be increasing or decreasing. There are three kinds of decisions are offered of this software first if your prediction that the price will increase “IN the Money, second if your prediction that the price will decrease “OUT the Money” and last if you don’t want to make a bet “AT the Money.” The creator of this software is Jayson Taylor. He doesn’t have any experience in trading.

Brit Wealth System received several bad reviews from the traders who already tried the software. First, you need to deposit up to £300 in Brit Wealth System, which is above the standard deposit amount is £250 of the binary options trading. The software is free itself but when you download it and register you will load in receiving phone calls from different unknown numbers and be bombarded from texts and emails, and it will irritate you.  The creator promise that traders will earn up to £2,000 however most the traders commented to never deposit a thousand in Brit Wealth System because there is no guarantee that they will give your investment back.

Traders analyzed and understood the flow of Brit Wealth System; you start investing in a small amount, and after day or weeks your investment will turn to £50,000, and you will plan to invest more because you gain a big amount of your first investment. This is the flow of the Brit method they will tempt you to invest more, but the problem is you can’t withdraw your earnings. Most of the traders had been fooled of this software and regret in giving a large amount of investment.  Expert traders conclude that Brit Wealth System is a scam. These are the reasons why it is scams.

First, the creator promised to the traders that they could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars within the next 30 days. Binary option can give you instant money but getting hundreds of thousands of dollars within the next 30 days is impossible because there is no consistent victory in binary options trading. Second, the creator promises if ever the trader fails to earn money off of his software he will pay $10,000 from his pocket if you are smart enough you will know it’s a big lie, because a real professional trading developer knows the trading software is not trial and error. Creating trading software is not easy, so the common goal of software developers is creating a successful software and gaining money for it. Software developers can’t afford to fail and that’s why it is so ridiculous when the creator said that he would repay you. In his statement, the credibility of his software is already in vain. Trust is the foundation of the success. How could you trust investing your money to someone if the creator is unsure of the succession of his software? On the other hand there are almost flawless apps like Fintech’s one (http://fintech-ltd.com/), which we recommend highly.